Replacing plants with plastic.

“the problem is everybody enjoys the lie too much. it hurts to face the truth.”

Alberto Bajana

If one can not voice their opinion or put air to a thought, in hopes that it is received and considered, then what is the prose behind a relationship? It is all a controlled lie. It is a misrepresentation of a dialogue, more so controlled to limit opinionated outbursts or an ill-perceived crude disagreement. I refuse to be a party or audience to such a mechanism of control.

If I can not speak without a silent roll of the eye from the receiver, then I am a fool to continue this episodic solution.

I am a fool.

I’ll be “an asshole” for having a difference of opinion, but the root of the issue is not the tenor of my indifference but the speaker’s inability to accept that not everyone is a drone.


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