Ivory Coast v Thailand

I learned two valuable lessons last night. One, social activism is very difficult to define. Much like an executioner’s chopping axe, to separate one’s head from the body isn’t as easy as just…chopping. No two executioner’s are the same. And as such, no two social activists are the same. Sure, the theme–the mission–is the all-glaring goal. But, there are some draconian, even infantile approaches at (re)solving their goals.

I learned some social activists on twitter(not so much tumblr, but I’m sure they’re there), if they were measure along plot points on a straight line, appear on the far end of this path. Way, way on the far end. Theirs is reactionary. Rarely any time or consideration given to a modicum of conversation. They speak first, drown out any discourse(or perceived discourse, because lets be honest, these people are on the far end of the spectrum for a reason), and then rally their other social activists to crowd your space. They’re the bully’s bullymaster.


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