Distance at work.


I’ve been known on occasion to muck things up, but let me see if I get this straight: Your family goes away for 4 weeks, leaving you alone to your vices(video games, flag football, work and Mr.Robot), and while away they pepper you will “I miss you” texts and FaceTime images. Assuring as the day is long that they can’t wait to get back to see and hang out with you. Now upon having returned from their tete-tete they have not spent one hour with you sharing with you the things, foods and adventures they got into while they were away–or even asking how you spent your own time. In fact, as I reply to your text, your family is out on dates, adult or otherwise, with friends, not including yourself.

And you ask me if they might be taking you for granted?

Have you ever heard the term Everyman?


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