Besting the rest

I have a trick the can help sort out, and in some cases avoid, a situation of complacency imposed by others. Whenever you begin to sense someone’s real response becoming more and more delayed, their “good mornings” and “good nights” forced or belabored; they becoming agitated from your “where were you?” or “How was your day?”, just do this: Delete all avenue of communication, social media ties, and let that person or persons drift.

Incorrigible? Very.

Yes, the trick helps. It creates a wedge–and much-needed wedge–between your sanity and self-worth and their evil foster-parent type attentiveness.

It hurts to slowly pay witness to family or friends loosening their once gyved grasp, but all the compassion and detailed loved in this world can’t keep the farm animals from rustling out the barn at night. It’s their will, their aim to wander and take for granted what was gifted to them in surplus. To take for granted the hearth or shelter, the confidence and welcomeness.

Best the rest.

Best the rest, I always say. Save your best for those who would redeem your affairs of concern, conversation; laughter and love. Save your best for those who reward you without expectation of return. Ignore the rest. Let them glimpse what they now miss. Let them accept the bargain attention of others; attention that comes with a discount card and endless coupon booklets. Your love isn’t like that. It isn’t BJ’s or Walmart.

Best the rest.


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