Let’s cut the crap

tumblr_nsd6stwQby1qz581wo4_540No one aspires to  be sad or unhappy.

It’s either a chemical unhinge in the brain or an externality episode.

It’s either failing synapses or mourning a loss or repeated loses of control.

Shit doesn’t happen in a vacuum.

Nothing happens or is created in a vacuum. Physics dictates all actions are inspired by or are the results of a prior action.

So, cut the shit with someone being sad or unhappy for the sake of it. Often times, like 95% of the time there’s a reason for it(the other 5% is usually teenagers looking for attention).

What people NEED to do is not ignore it, not brush it aside,  blaming the weather, some vitamin deficiency or that like. What people NEED to do is talk up what the problem is, isolate the cause, and assist(not by pulling their hands) that person or persons out from their intangible-but-often-tangible malady. I’m so tired of people who feign principles and wherewithal to help others, only to sigh, roll their eyes, or blame the problem on the person affected. Sadness doesn’t want anyone’s fucking empathy(believe me, I’ve tried helping a few friends out of their individual funks by sitting there, quiet, hoping my presence would fix the issue). Sadness NEEDS to be treated with love, patience, and showing the person that what their feeling is real, and much like real objects, they can be overcome.

So tired of the shit people call “helping” these days. Helping isn’t ignoring or pointing the blame at the person. Helping is…helping. Not hindering. And its definitely not making the person feign they are better, but really pushing it aside.

I mean, damn. Kids are good at helping other kids. Why can’t adults be just as adept?


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