I don’t expect change overnight.

I can conjure up a range of times I’ve displayed gratuity, whether in public with friends or to a stranger or colleague while talking on the phone. So, for me, I don’t have an issue with sharing my appreciative moments. But, how about I share with you an experience of someone else. Their…lack of.

Imagine, if you will, today is Christmas, and upon opening all the gifts, you find one wrapped package the same size, weight, and length of a particular phone you been talking about ad nauseum for 2 months. After showing your overly excited appreciation, you begin about the puerile chore of taking pictures of your new phone, texting from your new phone, and even creating videos. All from your new phone. Your visual appreciation showing no end.

Now fast forward some 8 months later, as a newer model of your present holiday phone hits the market. And those who once watched you overspill with enjoyment over having your barely year old smartphone; one popularized by pop culture, media, and peer groups alike, watch in discomfort to your replaced emote: Misplaced obsolescence and contempt.

Now, with visual inveigh, you go about your day berating, sharing your disgust over how “sluggish” your gift is. You lash out at its irresponsiveness in public, not loudly, but just within “our” earshot. You whine at the phone’s inability to swap between applications like its “newer” refresh does in the commercials. When asked “why isn’t your phone in a protective case( the five you’ve purchased to keep the phone safe from drops and stylish in public), you respond “it doesn’t fit in my back pocket…” or “…who cares the phone is stupid.”

Yes, you refer to the phone, when compared against it’s faster, more technology-enabled sibling, as “stupid.”

Do older siblings refer to their younger refresh as “stupid”?

How embarrassing.

Fast-forward to the present.

“They can miss me with this old phone.”
“They think I’m gonna deal with this slow, 8GB phone. I better get a new phone.”
“This phone is so wack and slow. *Proceeds to punch the phone as if this might help* “Look! It doesn’t even work! *Punches the phone a second time*

But we’re not just commiserated by these recent antics, noooooo, we now have to suffer through the hopeless, self-destructive theme of watching you drop the phone(did i mention this person doesn’t use the protective cases anymore?), without a care on whether the phone breaks or not.

However, Fate shined this day. As this evening’s drop of the phone on granite proved to be your death knell.

Blank screen.

When plugged in all of the notification icons are blacked out(I’ve never seen such a thing before).

When asked ” am I going to get a new phone now?

No, you will have to make due without a phone for a while. If you would have taken the time to protect the investment given to you, I wouldn’t have a problem getting you a new phone. But then, after recent events, what message would I be sending?

It’s unfortunate the phone had to endure this insufferable neglect; this prolonged, agonising torture just for a lesson in gratuity to be merited out.


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