See it through

Try as you might, winter will come. The cold will come creeping, and all things natural or unnatural, will freeze or die. This bodes the same for relationships, friendships, unions and marriages. In time they too freeze, caught in the drift of sameness or in a purgatory of unrepair. Frozen. Forgotten by all, save the souls affected. But what is also true in this cyclical system of ending, is that winter does not last.

No world stays frozen forever

No organism ever dies.

Winter does ends. Too.

It takes a readjusting of orbit. A catalyst of attention, of interest. A spark of warmth, to push winter away for a season or a lifetime.

All relationships end, their discontinuance at times brutally inevitable. But what doesn’t end is the human will, the longing to enjoy life. To journey to find the spark that is hiding or in full perview within the frozen.

This will never end.


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