I don’t have a living philosophy when it comes to unfriending someone Facebook. In fact, it’s more a work in progress. A real-time, measure-the-moment-for-what-it- brings standard of sorts. When I unfriend I take into account not the amenities, but what will be loss in the transaction(or subtract). I ask myself “Will I regret this response? Is this a knee-jerk move, one that needs to be deliberated over a protein shake or afternoon run?” I’m sure those of you reading this have your own tried and true philosophies on when to unfriend. Of course, if you’re a friend-whore, someone who accepts all invitations in an attempt to build your own social media Branch Davidian, then stop reading.

This isn’t for you. You’re your own version of pathetic.

I personally unfriend when my face to face interactions with an acquaintance or friend begin to resemble our online interactions.

If stale is stale, then no layering of condiments can mask the taste. Often times I look at friend requests as “continuing the great interaction or relationship we have”. You know, “more to come.” But, if I find myself rolling my eyes to your updates and images; disagreeing with you trying to 1-up my friends or me or simply being a hypocrite for the sake of the word, then it must be said the relationship needs to end. I can’t belabor any relationship, real or contractual. I just can’t.

My online activity should come with a level of peace of mind and gregarity. I shouldn’t writhe in pain over comments left, images of me tagged, or updates posted by selfish, myopic people(who at one time or another weren’t so).


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