Is it a dastardly move to intentionally block updates and photos from your friends on Facebook? I’m often asked by friends “Did you see that picture I posted?” or “Hey, what do you think about so and so’s comment to my status update?” It used to bother me when to hear the utter shock in their tone when I inform them I’ve since unsubscribed to their “content”.

It used to.

Is it a douchebag move, to watch a friend attempt to share a seemingly happy or auspicious event with their Facebook community, only to inform that person their “event” isn’t event-worthy by my standards. I mean, I’m not an arbiter. I know all content is worth an immeasurable amount of “big deal” to someone. Right?

I make sure to check my ego and super-ego at the door. Why am I blocking this particular person, and not everyone? Why is this person incarcerated to social media prison, for a term no more than “until I say so”? The simplest answer I can relate is that I just don’t care to see that stuff. I love my friends, my true friends, and will never prohibit their summer vacation in Maine update or that album of pictures showing how much fun they had in California. But the colleagues or fair-weather lot, I just can’t seem to bring myself to sustaining more than a furled eyebrow to their…stuff. With the latter group, we’ve come together because of an employer, an event, or that time in NYC. I don’t think that’s enough shared experience to warrant you seeing my gym-selfies or me hearing about your child’s second bout with ringworm. 

Douche-y move? No.

Asshole move? Eh, post a status update on the subject. if I see it, and respond, then you know my answer. 


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