The underbelly

I’ve finally met the underbelly of Tumblr. I’ve met the other side of the warm handshake, and found a cool to the touch robot on the other end.  I’m a victim of my own naivete, of my own incredulity. Tumblr is a wellspring of native commentary, political and social blogs, and imagery rarely seen elsewhere. But I would be remiss if I didn’t relate that, though aware of the darken corners of Tumblr, it’s underbelly,  felt this aspect would never cross my path.

One doesn’t regale in the light without wandering into or across the path of the dark.

The underbelly, usually unseen by me on a regular online basis, rears in another form: Reblogging. You see, I rarely post personal pictures of friends or family members on Tumblr. If I do share images I limit them to images of myself(masturbate to that, sickos!) or areas I’ve visited or the items I’ve purchased(masturbate….to that?).

However, during a lapse in judgement, a personal image found its way onto my account. Before I knew it the image was reblogged and favorited by users. Users who, upon research, have their dashboard inundated with pornographic images and sexually depraved gifs.

This can’t be where my picture has been reblogged to?!

Why is my image crammed between the image of a naked teenager(oh god no!) and the two male pornstars having sex (heaven’s no!!)

I immediately took action, as any seemingly sentinel person would. I sent these people a correspondence, asking that the image was posted in error, and would appreciate it greatly “…if you removed/deleted the image from your blog.” Suffice to say, there’s a mix of Tumblr users that are either forthright and literate and diabolical and self-aggrandizing. it was my luck that I ran into the latter crowd. The teenagers users I wrote to were assholes; equally asocial and sexually depraved.  There’s a fine line between sexual exploration and sexual exploitation.

I won’t clump all pre-teens/teenagers into this classification, but it should be noted that when teenagers are reblogging a personal picture, and posting it amongst the menagerie of pornography on their own profiles(pornography that would make their parents recoil in disgust) something has to be said about that individual’s mental acuity and otherwise intent.

Like I said, assholes.

I’ve learn a valuable lesson about Tumblr: come for the commentary, leave nothing private behind for someone to use for their deviant enjoyment. And if I feel inclined to share, know your followers and the environment in which follows them. This being said, I’ll be posting images of locales and objects/clothing. Nothing more.

I know this logic flies in the face of the basic tenets of social media, but the current underbelly of many social networks is concerning. The underbelly often appears in the form of “friend invites or a follow” from people who hide behind stolen or emotionless profile pictures. It’s difficult to discern intent initially. Is it friendly? Is it social? Business related…or worse.

I’ve learned that many users on Tumblr, perhaps the site’s bread and butter, have their hand in pornographic imagery, child or otherwise, and use Tumblr as a perverse outlet or a business card of sorts to attract and find other like-minded users.

Well, not on my dime.

2013, thanks for the reminder


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