Thanksgiving Weekend Aftermath


An epiphany appears in the stark of night or in the midst of a chore. It doesn’t present itself or acknowledge, by rapping on the door or sending a letter detailing it’s time and date of arrival. Not at all. An epiphany emerges on its own, and regardless of recipient’s frame of mind or condition, what it has to say will be heard.

My own epiphany has been coming to a head for the last 10 months, and though I had an idea what it had to convey, under calm tones and a soothing voice, I personally didn’t want to embraced it. However, it was the weekend following Thanksgiving Day, that my philosophical muse re-emerged, putting me in a DDT( wrestling reference), and whispered softly in my ear: Admit it, you really don’t like beef.

I don’t know if it’s because of me changing my diet, or because I’ve been enjoying more from the vegetarian side of the menu flap, but I now, more today than yesterday, revolt from the scent of fried or grilled beef. I shouldn’t go as far as to say disgusted by the visual or redolence that comes from cooked meat. No. What I’m saying, or realizing as of this morning, is that my tastes have modified to the state where I can only enjoy(tolerate?) red meat every few weeks(more or less a 3 weeks apart).

I don’t foresee my dietary swap affecting my workout/training regimen at all. There are many supplemental products out there that provide me the protein my body needs to sustain my activity levels( as for testosterone, I leave that up to genetics).


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