It’s the morning after the 2012 Presidential Election here in the United States, and while many are celebrating another term for President Barack Obama or commiserating his victory, I’m more or less looking at the carnage left behind. Not the political flotsam discarded on the floor, left for joyous or embittered hourly waged workers to clean up, but more the mood of the people. It’s been a tried and true battle, if you will, with beginnings going back as the 80’s(to my present knowledge. A political genesis that has pitted the Democrats against the Republicans(sorry Green and Independent parties, you guys don’t factor into the pitfall…yet) through panels of mudslinging, derision tactics, and racial, often times despicable propaganda.

I should take this time to share with that I too don’t necessary trust the current model of politics. Instead of the constructed criticism in place, I prescribe to similarly popular notion that the engine which drives this two party system monopolizes off the maladies in society(health, economics, race, and employment). Today’s politics is a mellifluous diagram that placates to the real world concerns of the populous by rewarding their effort(i.e. signatures and votes) by giving them NOTHING. The promises often petitioned by elected officials are given to them by the Corporate entities that created them.

I don’t think the entire system is flawed, ruined by Man’s need to appease his one of many deadly sins, but I’ve watched the nation split into delineated groups. These groups are  inspired(or bequiled) by their political figureheads to do what is right to ‘maintain’ or ‘reclaim’ “their country…”. In fact, I can’t help but notice the rise in social toxicity before and during every Presidential or State election in this country.

But, I’m drifting off track.

I noticed today a malaise in attitude, an exhaustive unhappiness if you will, that reminds me of the losing team’s locker room after the Super Bowl. This visual discomfiture, shared through hushed tones and vacillating eyes by colleagues and friends . I’m not paranoid, not to the extent that my mind will conjure up a Albert Camus-esque tabloids that probably do not exist.

But, I recognize a sourpuss when I see one.

What amazes me is, regardless of who occupies the White House for the next 4 years, why can’t this two party system for the first time since my inception work together to repair, upgrade, and innovate the United States? Why the fecal slinging? Why the segmentation between “Us” vs” You”?


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