Squatting through

I can’t believe how sore my legs are. Yesterday at the gym I employed, and went through a stanza of, various lower back, thigh, hamstring, and calve exercises. I workout my legs in pairs, and then individually. I kid you not, I soaked through my sweatpants.

What’s strange is that I’ve always worked my legs(twice a week)and been able to walk the next day with almost no discomfort. Well, times have changed. I attribute this morning’s pain, coupled with my inability to flex, to yesterday’s Spartan Run-eques leg workout.

In 2 days, i’ll be back at my legs again. My plan is to strengthen, tone, and then shred my legs for this summer’s beach-combing and swimming adventures. Not to mention I bought the coolest pair of trunks(complimentary based on my legs and height) a few month’s back in anticipation of building out my legs.

But for now, I’ll let my legs recover, and turn my attention to not limping like a zombie this morning.


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