Brief interlude

In terms of using technological gaming or casual devices, I think I might have crescendo. I pre-ordered a PS Vita last week(AT&T gets no love from me, so I opted for the WiFi only version), and having received my an iPad on Tuesday, and playing with that thing for about 6hrs, I’ve come to the enlighten downturn that technology is a drug. It’s an addictive, chemically inducing drug, that needs to be stimulated…constantly.

My home office looks like a swatch between a novice writer’s nook, a teenager’s unapologetic bedroom floor, and an Apple store. If you were to see my desk, and dare to sit in my comfy chair, you would remark over all the things I’ve collected, purchased, and received throughout the years–each item attached with a story or three.

But back to my crescendo. After reading my third book on my iPad, and staggering into the kitchen to get a cup of apple sauce, I had this repressive feeling that I was missing something. Something moot, but important. It donned on me, no sooner than I lied down, that I had in my book bag a few Gamestop giftcards and a new PS3 wireless controller. My world is such an orgy of techno this and device that, that I forget the things I purchase. In fact I’m so enamored by gadgets, that my culture has created in me a pseudo gadgetry fixation—and I’m not talking spasmodic purchases either. I like to see and study new devices or terms; one would be remiss if he or she didn’t see me in Bestbuy comparing specs or correcting the Sales staff on a terminology or update coming down the line from company A.

One would remiss greatly.

But back to the matter behind this lengthy, inspired-to-be-written-because-I’m-caffienated post. Reading up on, purchasing, and exploring new devices is intoxicating, and only after the intoxicant has wore off do I realize that there’s a whole world moving around me. A living world, of living things, living people, and living stories.

I have  PS Vita coming(I mentioned this already, I know), and I’m not too excited by it. I mean, my hats off to the minds, designers, and markets who created the thing, but I’m reminded of my 3DS, PS3; my PSP, and my iPhone. Technology gives me a boost, in it’s infancy, because of what it can do or help me achieve, but after the endorphins have gone back to bed, I’m left with this cold-shower feeling of “man, now what do i do?”


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