Keyboarding, from across the room

Its been a great while since I’ve signed onto WordPress, so much so that I can’t recall the last time I uploaded a queued blog, let alone composed an original. I’m not going to say, almost pre-programmed, that “with a New Year comes a New slew of thoughts from the Monochrome.”


That’s not a part of my makeup at all. I will say however, that the prime impetus behind this post is to admit that I’m writing it from across the computer room on my wireless keyboard.

Yes, I’m certain many of you have wireless keyboards or have used such paraphernalia in the past, but this being my own experience(and blog) I’m happy to relate…it’s different.

As for me, as for my career, life, and recent events, this will all have to take place in another post.

Forthcoming of course.


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