Weekend at Bernies

With me having failed to adhere to my self-imposed vow to abstain from the consumption of food during Lent, and all likelihood that I will ever be able to live up to such a testament of self-control(child, soy crumbles are just TOO damn yummy), I’ve decided to pursue a different Lent-esque chore.

Social-technology free weekend.

I’m going to remove myself from the “Running Man” future of updating, posting, sharing, blogging, re-sharing, RT’ing, #FF, commenting, etc. until Monday morning.

This decision is partly to prove that I can, for a minimal amount of time, follow through on set goal. But the all telling truth is that most of friends don’t “do” technology as well as others. My buddies would soon as toss my phone into the toilet(again) than send a Tweet. In fact. they’re idea of a good time is anything NOT related to being online or signed-in.

I want to have an extra good time in NYC(my NYC and not the one you see in the movies), and being tethered to my smartphone or computer is not the way one should enjoy the spoils of living.

*My friends won’t allow me to be tethered*

I will however take as many pictures as my phone can hold–before the inebriation sets in–and upload them to all the necessary social hubs at a later date.

All things considered, I’m looking forward to just buggin’ out, laughing, and not sleeping for 48-72hrs.

They never let me sleep.


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