New Law

I think it should be written somewhere, perhaps a life law inside in all corporate charters, that corporations who generate in excess of 1bil annually should have to donate 5 % of their yearly revenue toward real causes or nonprofit initiatives that benefit the people(and not the Investors).

I know, I know. It sounds brutal and all, but their Investors will survive.

Coca Cola does like a Billion+ dollars annually(I’m guessing here). They could easily “under order of the People of the United States” donate 50mil dollars a year to the very public that consumes their products. Right?

Or how about this: Corporations only have to do this act of kindness once every 3 years?

I’m trying to make it “comfortable” for them to give. I mean, I don’t want to spit in the eye of [name of corporate withheld]’s donation of 1mil annually for higher education. Oh no. We need that 1mil dollars. We really really need it.

*condescending smirk*

If I were President I’d ask more of corporations and businesses -more than the 10mil in highly “p.r. related” donations some of them currently dole out now.

I’d also do away with corporate contributions to elected officials and political parties. Yeah, I’d do away with that little item, post-haste.


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