Facebook Friends: Making sense of the Fair-weather pack

I rarely look at or judge the actions of people, namely Facebook users, for as a community they are incline to do what it is that motivates them.

I also rarely gripe about the actions of people, namely…Facebook users, for(again) they’re incline to do what it is that motivates them.

But what I despise the most about Facebook users, in this case Facebook friends, is their wont to unfriend you without a seemingly shared logical reason as to why. But of course I’m also well aware that in the universe of social communication one doesn’t need a hall pass or an excuse to justify their actions. To the observer the un-friending might seem contrary or appear as a knee-jerk, but to the person doling out this knee-jerk it makes perfect sense.

In perfection there is no explanation.

No posturing. No progress.

But what really browns my butter are those Facebook friends who decide to drop you like an pubescent testicle for whatever chemical or emotional reason.

What the %$!?

I get THAT business, the unfriending part.

But what if the person un-friending you is someone who was once a good friend of you and your ex-girlfriend?

*Inception Foghorn blares*

Social Politics?

My best friend said, so much as berated, that this group, these sudden friends, who drop you off their social radar, are assholes.

Adding “..they associated you as a friend out of respect for your ex when you guys were together. You could have been a town drunk or a public nuisance, and still they still would have sent you an invite. Because to them, [as the application of friend-to-friend relationship goes ], you are a friend. I would hate to think because you have now moved on,  and are doing exceedingly better, that they would feel vindicative or vengeful and choose to drop you now.”

Even as I write this, the left region of my brain is reassessing whether my gripe is juvenile; whether it’s legitimate. I know what some might be thinking: there are far worse things associated with Facebook than haranguing on about former friends unfriending you. That this commentary in itself is beneath the barrel.

Irregardless of what is wrong, right, or applicable, I’m miffed by those who detach me from their teet without a explanation as to why. Give me reason, one-worded or in sonnet format, as to why this is dissolving, and I’ll be done.

If I’m a questionable character, fine unfriend me.

If I’ve turn out to be someone you didn’t quite expect, fine unfriend me.

If you were using me only to “browse” my public life for your own curiosity and gambit, please UNFRIEND ME.

But unfriend me with a leisure of respect for yourself.

Before you unfriend, leave with me the lingering reticence that you did so with a somber reason in mind, and not because your ego or social-ego commanded you to do so.


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