Nothing ever ends, but merely transforms into a new element; a composition, that is needed by some other faction. To illustrate my point(as hackneyed as this might sound), I look at a spoiled milk.

I’ll forego using wikipedia or google to ascertain whether or not my observation is correct, but milk takes on a new form only AFTER it has spoiled. This spoilage might be indigestible by most organic creatures, but not to the spores of bacteria that now claim dominion. To them, it’s a environment by which these micro-organisms can breed, eat, and live. To these minute organisms, the discarded container of foul, emetic-ellicting sludge is a perfect pool for them to exist in(and on); happily ever after.

Environmental complacency is often the main compound to force this change to come about. Other times, it’s a (bio)chemical ingredient.

The expiration of spoiled milk is synonymous with a career change. Where the current environment, chores, duties, and expectations, often times gives way to a new life, locale, and profession exceedingly better that the former (just without the smell attached).


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