4 years and counting

Summer has a way of undressing the woe Winter has placed upon you. Summer has a way of opening up adventures, opportunities, and experiences never expected.

Summer also has a way, because of television programming, of reintroducing what now lingers in perpetuity.

A few years ago my girlfriend at the time and I spent the summer watching a television series I had previously avoid since it’s debuted back in 1998: Felicity. I never was a fan, and can’t place the genesis or maturation of my bias. But after spending a few weeks, from to Monday-Wednesday morning at 11:00am, I found myself kicking with disgusted that I had avoided the WB show all together.

That’s the thing about “judging a book by it’s cover”, you tend to sidestep something that has the potential to be exciting.

If it weren’t for my lazy summers, I would have never followed Felicity’s life through college. I would have never known of her surrounding cast, their perils, or her impending ability to time travel(seriously, she travels back in time to fix her life).

I’ve since decided that on my lazy days I’ll do something I would have once thought to be boring or disinteresting.

It makes for a better waste of time.


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