Can People Be Heartless Toward One Another? Facebook explains.

I read an article this morning, based solely around a survey, in which it stated college students are increasingly(or more likely to be) apathetic toward one another.

A commenter writers.

“I don’t trust any of the surveys. I can’t even understand how you quantify empathy.

But I know this, all my young college-age cousins who are on my Facebook friends page are unbelievably childish in the way they communicate with each other. They rarely bother to comment on their adult friends’ pages,but when they do, they can barely write a legible sentence.

Their pages are full of profane name-calling amongst even their best friends. Back and forth, back and forth.

I have never known young adults to act this juvenile.”

I honestly feel social communities aren’t the cause, but merely the medium in which people are allowed to act our their self-positioning, self-dominating, self-preserving arrogance onto the gilded stage of “fitting in or stepping over” philosophy.


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