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A funny notion came to mind this afternoon while watching the Women’s NIT Championship game. A query of sorts built around the NCAA’s popular,  highly commercialized message “…and some of us(college graduates) will be going pro in something other than sports..” that has brokered me to analyze personal importance versus the world’s concept of it.

I know the NCAA’s message creates the distinction that athletics, or a professional career in this area, is not guaranteed to many college graduates, and emphasis should be reminded of this – ad nauseam. This being said(and back to my point), what if you were handed a choice while in the womb:

You can only choose one:

  • You can be an average athlete, and I’m not talking a moderate utility player or benchwarmer, but someone unable to even make the bench of any standing sport. You will be unsuccessful in playing sports or athletics.  Despite the drive,  your body will lack the engine to support this motivation. But counter to your athletic frailty, you will hold a higher than above average intellect. You will be guaranteed all the benefits and rewards of career, art, literature, and cultural entitlement. Your profession outside athletics, will be your’s to choose – dominate alone. It’s ensured that you will occupy a lofty office(s), and ownership of a power financial, real estate, or technological company until you retire. You will create wealth(not riches) in all areas you touch.


  • You can be an average academic student — the term “student athlete” being an overstatement. You will never quite excel in academics, but be merely average. No one will ever attach the title of Scholar after your surname, hand you a Scholarship of any merit of concentration, or ask you to pen a dissertation. Your mate(spouse) will be more academically possessed that you, and in some cases be the choice of enquiry from your children on any important topic. You aren’t dumb, just average(you can define this as best you want to). However, you will possess athletic ability, skill, and endurance far surpassing anyone in your chosen sport. This athletic ability ensuring you financial gain, endorsement, and popularity until you retire( oh yes, and a guarantee that you’ll never be injured during your professional stretch.never).

Which would you choose? I know these aren’t difficult options to choose from, as I suspect most would go with the latter over the former, but just consider the options(their benefits and hinderances).


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