I’m well aware of the holiday season creeping around the corner a la Ringu, but I always find it unsettling when companies pitch something for something during what is suppose to be a festive, giving celebration. I recently saw a commercial for Zales’s “Autism Speak” diamond collection that donates $5 dollars of each item purchased to treat and diagnose Autism. I don’t doubt this campaign’s purpose, even with my textbook dubious eyebrow raise, but I must ask this question..

“Why is it that in order for Businesses, Corporations or Merchants to give toward a greater purpose, they must first expect a purchase from us, the consumer?

Why can’t Zales’ donation of $5 dollars or $100,000 be given without expectation, but with the mission of serving the good of man (or in this case child)?

Why is it that it is common in these times, especially around the holidays, for businesses to attach stipulations to their gifts?

What is a gift?”


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