Backwards Thinking

Riddle me this, America: Why is it that during the back to school advertisements, Mobile Service Carriers(AT&T, T-Mobile, Boost, etc) are at their dizziest in marketing their “wares” to teenagers. I mean, there’s this one particular commercial that prides itself on statistically breaking down how many people are doing what at any given time. This company’s newest incarnation, on the heels of the back to school rush, gears itself on numerating how many teenagers are texting, flipping burgers, or talking within a moment in time. Creative…creatively flawed.

By piecing text-messaging usage and teenagers together, Mobile Service Carriers are playing against what Public and Charter Schools have been trying to enforce for years: No cellphones in the classrooms. Despite the harangue of myopic parents screaming for their children to be allowed to carry their cellphones; to use them in school in case of an emergency, I say to this myopic lot: Puuuhhlleeaaaase.

There are administrators and educators paid to keep the distractions of the outside world out of the classroom. If an emergency should arise, there are professionals in place to take care of the situation. Lil Johnny doesn’t need an iPhone with an Unlimited Text Messaging plan to act as Paul-friggin-Revere if the Redcoats should so happen to cross the parking lot. It’s not likely that will ever happen.

Lil Johnny needs to pay more attention to his Geography.

Spain isn’t the capital of Puerto Rico

Nevertheless, when Sprint flaunts “new cellphones” or “text messaging plans” to teenagers they play right into disrespecting the system that forbids their usage. Disrespecting, with support from doting parents, the base point of uninterrupted learning.

We’re not Japan. They’ve figured it out a long time ago. As Americans, we are as mesmerized by technology as deer are by headlights at night.

You want to know how many people does it take to undermine common sense and the Department of Education for the sake of profit? Ask Sprint, they’re good with numbers.


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