fall_outdoors_foliage_1347640_lI think a prefaced apology is in order, as I might come off to some as a literary troglodyte after this commentary is read.

I understand there is a disappointing mood sweeping the Northeast, with respect to the vacillating weather we’ve been experiencing . This I do empathize with, to an extent. You see I don’t have any children, hell I don’t even have a small animal to drag around. Because I’m dearth( I love this word) of any sentient thing to take care of or make a summer schedule for, I must say: I pity you.

I don’t mean “I pity you for having a family,  to which you must find activities to keep them busy during the summer, despite gasoline prices, back to school specials, college tuition, annoying tax increases, and unemployment.” What I should to say is “I pity those parents( single or otherwise) that are driven to madness by incessant “this summer sucks” issuing from either their teenagers or toddlers( hey, toddlers can be rude too!). I assume the stress level in these households can run high at times; having nothing to do in a world of “things to do” must be a pack-a-day moment for some. I’m all about taking a step back from where you’re standing to admire those around you–their lifestyle, their surroundings–before you castigate your current situation. Perspective.

I remember when the season worked in accordance with the summer months, producing weather that you barely had to consider when planning what to do. I mean, I’ve experienced in the past like 30 heatwaves growing up in NYC, and despite the televised warnings to “drink plenty of fluid, wear light clothing; check up on your elderly neighbors, and refrain from going outside between the times of 11:00am and 2:oopm” I STILL had a good time. It only rained during the month of August. That’s it. August.

I can count on my hands, toes, and eye lashes how much rain we’ve had in the month of June and July. That’s pretty sad. To be robbed of that much going to the beach time.Dang.

My summer has been awesome. I hope August it’s in tandem with the previous months, the weather doling out rain like free cheese during the 1980s. I pity some inner city families, not all of them, just those that willfully choose to ignore the other environments and experiences going on outside the metropolis. I pity some suburban families, not all of them, just those that willfully choose to ignore the other environments and experiences going on inside the metropolis.

I don’t take it as a discourse when my day is ruined by a weather pattern–I’m bummed if a plan has to be rescheduled, but I don’t turn into John Malkovich over it.


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