Service before Dishonor

I’ve been an AT&T user for almost ten years now. My commitment to my mobile service has seen three relationships, three area code changes, and two cars.

10 years. 3 Relationships. Wow.

Now, it must be said that my relationship with AT&T has ended as of, 6:59pm EST. I won’t mourn the relationship as failed, but a decent one up until last week. I mean, I was dedicated to sticking it out with AT&T for another 24 months. My mobile device was approaching an upgrade anniversary, and I was all set to pick between the Samsung Jack or the white iPhone. But then, once again, the rug was pulled out from underneath me.


Let me stage this for you like this: No. Service. From. Apartment. Three.Days.

That’s right. I haven’t had any service in or around my apartment for 3 frig-frackin days!

Judging from how much I pay a month for service you would THINK the Gods up at AT&T would have a more reliable contingency plan in place when their transmitting box piggybacked on the top of a Verizon tower goes dead? You would THINK they would have a more concise answer to offer ” Sorry, our service really sucks out in Western Massachusetts” instead of an excuse “My map is showing you should have service in that area. But let me notate your account.”

How the hell does notation help me!?

So it is with heavy heart and much sadness( damn regret, I don’t regret nothing!) that as of 7:05pm EST I have decided to take up with another mobile service provider. On what grounds you might ask( especially if you’re an AT&T employee)? On the grounds of reliable service. RELIABLE SERVICE. RELIABLE SERVICE. I’m not worried about any “early termination penalties” for I have the proof sitting on my rug in front of my television. If a Representative scoffs at my demand to end my service I will invite him or her to visit me and see how many bars I get from my apartment. I would challenge them, as human beings, to accept this as a worthwhile service to keep. I would dare anyone to look at my tribulation as minimal( Oh..oh man, I would love someone to tell me to deal with it. I’d punch em’ in the nose…

I think this is enough grounds for ending a now disappointing, oft-unreliable relationship, don’t you think?

If anyone from AT&T is reading this, please know that I stuck it out with you for 3 days. 3 days of having to drive to the center of town, or in some cases to the Quabbin Reservoir( Google it!) just to talk to my family and friends. That’s down-right pathetic, even for the 21st century, even for the United States; even for a big wig like you guys! I don’t think there is anything to be said by you that could change my mind. Maybe if I were moving soon I would…no, who the heck am I kidding? I wouldn’t. I need a service provider that looks at my monthly payments to it’s service as a “thank you for keeping me in contact with everyone for 30 days” as a thank you, and not an expected donation. I’m not paying for “sometime” attention or “sometime” reliability. I’m paying for the peace of mind that my bars (like in the commercials) will always be at their highest, especially at home.

I’m sorry guys, but it was a beautiful 10 years, and though we didn’t foster any children from it( that’s your fault, not mine), I will miss the memories. I just think it’s time to move onto a service provider that will understand you can’t put out a product and expect the public to adore it when it works at 1 bar, or in this case SOS reception. I don’t think any living, competent person would accept marginal service. It doesn’t matter where he or she lives, whether in a city or on the fringes of a State, if you advertise the service, the service should be consistent. I refuse to accept not being able to talk to friends, family, or co-workers from home because AT&T thinks “hey, just talk to them from the Quabbin, buddy”


So, like Mary J.Blige in AT&T’s new commercial, the one in where she’s swapping in and out of clothes while walking on a treadmill of sorts, I am too walking in the other direction, to another solution( I’ll just be doing it without the heels, dresses, or hip-swagger).


2 thoughts on “Service before Dishonor

  1. I hear you! And, although it makes not a hill of beans, even here in the home of AT&T Wireless (the former Cingular HQ) … there are deadspots in Atlanta. Major ones. And do they bother to fix it? No. For years. The most notable: a stretch of I-75 through the most highly-valued real estate in Metro Atlanta … I-75 at West Paces Ferry Rd north to the Chattahoochee. Drops calls so consistently that all I have to say to a local is “about to cross the river” and they know to expect a call back in a few minutes.

    Good luck with your new provider – let me know which one. I’m reaching the same vanishing point with AT&T after being a customer since 1994. Especially when they ask me to pay a $35 “paperwork” fee to get a new phone unit. Not happening.


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