Sharing, not Telling


There’s a distinct difference between telling and sharing.

Telling means to direct one’s intent, without confusion in it’s orientation or purpose, to a person or group, with expected results. Sharing means to impart an experience or wisdom, whether asked of or not by the listening party, with hopes of creating a connection. Telling is grabbing someone by the shoulder and forcing them to give you an audience on a subject that may or may not be of their own listening pleasure. Sharing is speaking to an interested party, when asked of or in anticipation, who is waiting your attention.

I share more than I tell on my blogs.

Why? I don’t pretend to be an professional expert in any given field( I’m sure I mentioned this before). I leave topics for those who, because of their resourcefulness and skill, have built a living on this community platform.

I’ve notice that more blogs are divided between two camps: professional and personable. I’ve seen everyday people morph, via popularity of sorts, into Trend Watchers, Social Tutelaries, or Financial Gurus overnight. I mean literally overnight. Where can a person switch out of their once low-cornered vocation into an air of popularity and take the rein of the headlines and captions over a specific topic, once out of their dominion?  The Internet

Fine. I guess there is a place for communities to teach or show us the right and wrong ways to do a 100 things. There’s nothing wrong with 100 different second opinions, right?

I can count on my fingers how many teachers I had from elementary school up through high school ( college is a different beast all together). I don’t need 200,000 people talking in Socialese or Techielese to educate my low-brow brain on which MP3 player is the best or when NOT to RT. I don’t need someone to hold my hands through these moments. Thoughtful as it is, to be escorted under protection through the perils of the socialized world unfamiliar to me, I’d rather, because it’s more worthwhile, I experience it all firsthand.

What I do enjoy are the personalized blogs. You find stages of pictorials, poems, commentaries, and literature on subjects not on the Prime-time hot topic list wedged between the Tweenage disposable or CNBC crowd. Its not odd to find on my Feedly, mingled in between my work related resource content, scouring happily through a bunch of “personalized” blogs. I just swim through original content.

As you have already noticed or soon to find out, I do not write my blogs with the intention to “tell” you something. I write from a layer of frustration, curiousity, interest, history and praise. I won’t write about Apple’s iPhone, because that’s not what I do( unless the time comes when they pay me to do so). I won’t write about Bloomberg’s latest financial assessments, because, that’s not what I do( see my first exception above). And though I work in the Corporate and Socially Responsible space, my nascent understanding on this subject might put be at cross with its pre-existing vocal professionals. There are too many worthwhile opinions, bias assessments, paid endorsements, and scornful castigators out there to know who or what to understand( I mean, sometimes you have to research the researched research!).

If I ever do find something in any of these areas worth writing about, I’ll do so, but until then you can expect me to write about what I know, don’t know, and I like to know.  I’ll always, almost never ever “tell” you what to do or think. Like, everyone is talking about Technology and Social Media now, as these two topics are this generations’ Sony Walkman and Cordless Phone.

Technology? I have some frank knowledge of technology, but not enough to open my own Consultancy. I’m sure if I wanted to I could imitate a web-scanning”Analyst” and research my way into being an expert. But in my heart of hearts, I’d just rather play with or comment on technology, and not explain it’s trends in powerful detail.

Social Media? Oh please. Social Media is as easy to master as jumping rope. As I stated once before, a 3 year old toddler dabbles in social media every time he or she plays with siblings or peers. It’s just in this instance the medium in which the toddler employs to communicate isn’t a Macbook, or a few cleverly written API program or a Blog, but none other than a coloring book, a sandbox, or toy set(imagination).

It must be stressed, well I must stress, that in no way am I insulting those Communication experts who have multi-million dollar budgets to run their company’s social communications strategies. I’m not saying Social Media is so easy a Caveman can use it. What I’m saying is Social Media is so readily used by ALL that a Caveman wouldn’t want to.

We all have our levels of expertise, each of us possessing just enough to convey our message(s) to those leaning in to receive it. Social Media is known and utilized by all; none may assume sole governship. Only fools do so.

By now of course, I’ve shared with you, a disclaimer of sorts, a brief opus on how my blogs will go from here on out. I hope I didn’t insult any one person, group, institution or profession by my words. My intent here, as always, is to share what I feel, and never to tell you how it should be felt.


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