There’s much to be said about turning a corner

Kitten and BirdUnpredictable.

That’s the first thought that crosses my mind whenever I’m hurrying around a corner, whether it be on a New York City street or inside a mall.


It can be scary sometimes when you let it just sit there on your tongue or hang in the air; the idea of not knowing what guise an action you decide upon might result in.

But then, isn’t that what’s exciting about taking the corner less turned, or the path less tread, to see what future you can create out of the doubts holding you stationary?


Many of my actions in the past and in the present have been based unpredictability to those looking. However, many of the times I’ve allowed my life to be a sort of gadfly for others to peer, scoff, and disseminate as infantile, irresponsible, or heady.

Heady?Oh please…I would prefer to be seen as purposefully unpredictable than one feigning bravado to a situation that is unfair, frustrating or mature.

There are many corners littered across this metropolis of life, some leading toward vacant lots, others toward rewarding avenues. I can see my corners up ahead; admittedly taking some turns of my own over the past few years.

At first thought, I look forward to the change, not fearful of the oblivion of failure, as Fate and motive has preserved me from failure in almost every regard. It’s almost caustic, perhaps an adult-wisdom to be mindful of the options, the manholes or gutters that too can spring out after rounding a corner, but then where is the unpredictability in knowing what will occur?

It’s best to just move with a purpose in mind, feeling ahead on eyes for wins–all wins–than worrisome, dotting mother like fears.

Unpredictability is not knowing what successes or trials lie ahead. Unpredictability should be looked at as a beacon of “something different blows this way” than “be mindful: this new life is one of your own choosing.There is never any turning back.”

Why would you want to turn back? Why would you want to give that passing street or the corner recently left a regarding glance( a reminder)? Why be predictable?


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