The Affairs of Movie-goers

Woman screaming

There has to be something said for Hollywood’s love affair( if not the city, then those who work within the glass city) with displaying teen murder, gore, massacre as entertainment. I mean, hasn’t history depicted enough horror in Serbia, Germany, Rwandan, and parts of America, to educate us, the renowned “cultured” society, that any version of this is unacceptable? I don’t stand pat when it comes to movies that embolden themselves in showing massive death( the more death, the more box office hits). Video games are another beast all together, and though one I could get into, but isn’t the catalyst for my blog this afternoon.

What has my bridled bell tower in an uproar is the fact that some director, writer, and producer concocted a brilliant, albeit desperate idea to resuscitate the “Final Destination” series and release a “Final Final” chapter to the floundering saga.

*Rolls his eyes in puerile disagreement*

I don’t care how someone makes their money, especially in a city or industry that takes it’s cues from bosomy former starlets who pander about like teenagers( Heaven forbid) in search of a sexual or self-validating high or vapid programs that appeal to each of man’s embarrassing, but Nielsen point worthy sins. What I do care about is the passive charade, a punch in the face insult, that Hollywood, the industry, goes about by taking acts or scenes of debasement or utter virility and making them into movies.

I am NOT a hack and slasher movie-goer. Yes, I will admit I fancy my Japanime films now and then( though, as an adult, I’ve recently become disgusted with the terminal usage of gratuitous sex or rape in a few notions of their plots), but rarely has a cartoon taken steps to insult death by turning it into a spectacle by which the movie-goer is screaming at the movie screen for the movie-actress to be butcher/boiled/murdered/ get where I’m going with this.

I’m not a pacifist in the sense that I think movies of a gory fashion should be removed; replaced by Care Bears 2009 or Save by the Bell: The Elementary School Years. What I am saying is that, senseless violence, in lieu of a movies’ plot, is in a sense of the word: senseless. A movie that has a semblance of character or plot( lets say, The Watchmen) uses violence as a vehicle for the characters in the film to dispense justice or illustrate to the movie viewer the seriousness of the story. But, movies like this new Final Destination film( or the final Rambo) seem more like living exercises used in a Creative Writing class.

“So class, who here can come up with five death-scene verbs to complete these sentences:

Billy is_____.

Cathy and Sandy are____ David’s dog…”

My point is this: I don’t agree with glorifying acts of utmost gore or scenes of too real violence( I still can’t watch the remake of ‘The Hills Have Eyes” for the rape scene is just too over the top. I mean seriously, look at it from the perspective of a rape victim: Even with therapy, counseling,  do you think a rape survivor would be able sit still through such a drawn out scene? How about the family of the World Trade Center attacks. Do you think they can stomach watching apocalyptic films that depict Manhattan being attack or images of the World Trade Center being destroyed by aliens?).




The random masked sociopath living in the woods or at the old summer camp.

I get the plot, hell, at times I can predict the outcome, but you embarrass your senses watching films like this. I said embarrass as I know some of you find this genre not to be taken seriously, more of a temporary ointment for not getting that raise at work; being rejected by a peer; or failing at a task. Sure, I’ll play ball with that. But when one finds themselves seething in anticipation of little Blonde Betsy getting axed down because she stumbles over her own shadow, then something has to be addressed about society( as well as the writer/director–cue Tarantino).

I know it’s entertainment. I know it’s there to take us away from reality, and serve us up with a dose of irreality. But still, often times teenage-hack and slackers touch closely to the surface of reality, and the result is often more frightful than anything ANY writer could dream up.


One thought on “The Affairs of Movie-goers

  1. I agree Terence, but as long as this generation that was brought up on war keep enjoying these plot-less over-violent films that seem like they were thrown together like a picasso piece, they’ll continue to come out. And that’s why a majority of my high school class is now in Iraq. Wonderful.


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