Bent Receiver


Sometimes, hell often times I don’t listen well enough to know what is being said. Often times I don’t care well enough to know when I’m being harmful. Often times I don’t touch well enough to know that I’m cold. Often times I don’t speak well enough to open my heart.

Often times I stumble.

Often times I fail.

Often times I succeed

Often times I love.

….often times needs to be more times or less times, but I need to listen to the signs.

I broke my receiver a long time ago; bent the antennae into an L.

It doesn’t work as well as it should, but I have fixed it to the best of my abilities.

It does however point me in the right direction to where there is something amiss




….often times I follow my L-shaped antennae to the source.

…often times I seek out that which is in need of my failing sympathies.

Often times I listen

Often times I love

Often times I speak

…..often times, more now than ever, I need to act.

There aren’t any more often times left for me. There is “now” or “never”…the times part has since gone away.

My L-shape antennae will guide me to it…


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