Ghosts from our Past

The most interesting aspect of a blog isn’t at times the content, the page design, or the bells and whistles working in the background to push a page out across the internet. The most interesting factor to me, what I automatically scroll to, right after reading the blog title of better headline, is the comment section.

I extract the readership, the personality, community point of view, and the Blogger’s audience through the comment section. But I’ve noticed an steady theme, or I should say emotion angst, when I frequent some hip-hop blogs: disrespect for the previous generation.


2 thoughts on “Ghosts from our Past

  1. I’m sure you heard about the internet/youtube battle between Ice T and Souija Boy. Where Ice T called Souija boy “garbage”. And so Souija Boy responded calling Ice T “Old” and went on to say that Ice T was done and that he needs to give up.

    No respect at all. I guess Rodney Dangerfield knew all along.


    1. I did read something about that( I think there’s a continuous rebuttal on youtube on the subject), and it still doesn’t surprise me that in Hip Hop a level of disrespect or jealous exists. I think it’s the old school minds, those who paved, planted or pioneered the craft are seemed as “unimportant” by the music houses. I think there is also a secondary slap to the face of the “old school” rappers from the younger fans who embrace music based on selfish hyperbole, irresponsible sex, drug user/dealing, and misogyny.

      Soulja Boy is the heir to a kingdom that creates music, without fear of how it is disseminated among the fan-base( he wants his money, he could care less about how poor he rhymes or his lack or lyrical originality).


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