What once worked yesterday, doesn’t apply today.

There was a time, before college but not too long into my adolescent years, that I held an infallible system when it came to writing an essay, paper, or research document: I would write down and edit in long-hand first, and then when completed transcribe it to typed text.

As the years progressed, I’ve found myself more and more pulled in four directions by schedule, creativity, career, and academics, and have since adopted a mode of paper/essay preparation that, to my past-self would seem unheard of: I write on the fly. I know, as anti-dogmatic as this method sounds, myself perhaps being included in the social memo a decade or so late, it works.

Well honestly, the success rate of thorough planning, careful research, and exceptional detail versus flat out paged research grinding with only the ballast of topic notes, the omniscient search engine Google, and a Thesaurus to navigate one’s perilous course is sure to be wrought with failure, if not incur the Professor’s almost post commentary critique of “How much time did you set aside when writing this paper?”

Whether heady or thought-out, I’ve now found my new way of preparing myself to write refreshing of sorts. When I know I’ll have to write an email or blog commentary, I can just sit down and allow my thoughts to organize themselves onto a blog or respond to or create an email of my own choosing. If the position should call that I find myself back at one of my novels or short stories, I can leaf through my journal and pick up where I left off.


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