The affects of being green on sports.

It occurred to me this morning that athletes are the greatest violators, among non-corporations, when it comes minimizing one’s carbon footprint. I know the mathematics is beyond me in this, but if given the average American numerical output is “average”–in comparison to a Parisians–because Athletes travel all over the country, all over the globe within their respective season, then it’s simple to say: Athletes are not Green. I use this thought as a guideline of course, but still the average athlete commits, if not exceeds, the most highest carbon footprint score on the grid.

I know to “ground” a professional( or even collegiate?) team to their home field, stadium or court, forcing them to grind out their season at home( with hopes of appeasing the growing green populous) is an impossible concept. It defeats the personality behind “home vs away” team. No fan is going to sit endure a 162 game baseball season at home, and what boggles my query further is the rationale on “In an attempt to be green,will the Chicago Cubs embrace the idea of playing 162 games with their cross town rivals, the White Soxs?” I know the answer to this question.

But, given the new push behind smart grids, virtual communication, and cleaner fuels, one would think a billion, if not trillion business that sports provides to it’s fans would endear it’s fans to promote a cleaner lifestyle by practicing what the rest of us are doing.Airplanes are already looking for cleaner fuels to burn, shortening–if not eliminating costly routes–and reducing seat availability to save on environment emissions and (again) costs. UPS has already converted many of it’s popular brown vans into electric vehicles, Hybrids, in an attempt to minimize they’re carbon.

I feel that the sporting intelligentsia can afford to look into ways of minimizing it’s impact on the environment, through technology, education, and programs, and it will benefit them in the eyes of this new community of green-thinkers( and their fans).


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