Seatbelts fastened

I opened this morning’s Twitter activity with a knee-jerk, though valid, tweet regarding the state of Twitter users or better put, how they serve to blur what it means to be a Social Media expert and a Ad/Campaign Salesman.

When I think Social Media [insert vocation] what comes to my nascent mind is someone or a group verse in what it means to turn to a disconnected group and have them, by end of the day, speaking, thinking, and working toward a similar action. In the Social Media universe there are demographics, brain activity, and connectors(like streams of similar likes, dislikes, and purposes), that serve to complement each other, like a slice of Chocolate and Fudge Chip cake, and not out-do like a Wedding cake. I’m not the authority on this subject, just someone trying to see the real value in Twitter(which I now have), it’s community (which I’m a part of), and the language needed to move an method of action from “idea to execution”.

What assails me at times, but none more important than the other, is when I sign onto Twitter and have to spend a good portion of my time removing or deleting Twammers(Spammers in the guise of Twitters)–I have since adjusted my settings to ensure my time is spent less leisurely now.

Listen, I understand that everyone or group has an agenda, and illustrates this through the same fashion the rest of the Twitter demagoguery does. I also understand, as well as expect, that with Celebritydom influx, comes the pandemic of Spammers.But when a Twit(I use this term loosely) follows me, and then inundates my FEED with references to “increase your Followers”, links to Social Media Expert websites that look as if a junior high school student taking an Intro to HTML created it, or any other non-informative to the group, Hydra-esque Spam attack appears, I become in-sensed.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve spent energy on this before(check my feed, it’s all there!), but Twitter dips in my opinion when users falsify their intent in order to push an non-informative, non-sharing, non-socially responsible effort onto the person they actively seek to follow(stalk??) or have follow them. I shouldn’t have to privatize my Tweets; I should resort to covering up my thoughts and content because someone might decide to jump onto the back of the trailer and follow me home.

Perhaps my definition of Social Media is far-fetched or right on, to which degree I leave that for the experts to grasp, but I want Social to mean what it did when I was in high school: a place or recreation in where persons can exchange in ideas, interests, and discussions–with the intent to engage, not to beleaguer or berate an unsuspecting follower with nonsense about your skewed profile picture, some half-butt follower increase scheme, or other stuff.

Lets all go back to high school..


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