Making things honest before interesting..

By now you have noticed that my blog format is a non-homogenic collage of my subjective/objective thoughts and not so much work related material. Recently, there has been more personal related content than work-related issues posted here( issues pertaining to Sustainability, Green workshops and programs for communities and children to participate in, and global matters affecting the environment or how consumers view a company’s transparent attempts to woo them). Not to say that, when thrust with something newsworthy to partake or assess that I won’t. It’s just that between waking up and going to bed, my mind is a flux of pondering thoughts I seek to share first, before all others.

I don’t find it often relevant to speak about work, or what I do at work, because for the sake of space allowed or disclosure, there is rarely anything TO speak on–in one way or another. But as of late, my Twitter feed(@TM_Washington), and that of the company I work for(@CSR_Trend_Watch), has been a Beehive’s activity of CSR and Socially commentaries that any professional or student can use to educate themselves or bookmark for reference. Vocation aside, there isn’t too much personal, soap-opera going on either. So in a nutshell, I reserve my blog(for now to just mill and pill about my views on things I’ve read, seen, thought about, or heard).

I think though that I do my blog, and it’s minuscule viewers, a disservice if I neglect the path created by my contemporaries( and the social bloggers before me)and omit my opinions regarding corporate social matters or social media stuff.

Don’t worry, I’m sure to make this here blog interesting—and more about what I do, and how I feel about it, than how I feel about what I do.



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