Raccoons!? Swerve!!!!

The title to this blog entry says it all. This morning, driving from my hub on the outskirts of civilization, I noticed something oddly different about my ” before the sun peeps through my blinds” commute. Dead raccoons. I’m talking less than 10, but more than 5(vague, I know), but freshly “struck” carcasses of plump raccoons.

I suspect the sudden rise in temperature, coupled with a humidity spike, caused all the raccoons to migrate down from the woods and toward the rivers. It’s unfortunate(as I blame industrialization) that one must cross a two lane thoroughfare to reach the river. To see so many dead raccoons, so many purposeful or accidentally killed animals along-side of me is always a troubling matter. I’m not like some people, I have this extended form of sympathy for animals. I wonder what their thoughts are, their intent even before the mechanized hell-machine tears through the night–tears through their bodies. All their dreams, habits; morning rituals, and playful wonts, taken from them in an instant.

I can’t fault the animal( as some might); you can’t fault a creature for seeking out food or shelter out of visceral habit. My former driving school instructor once said “…if you see an animal suddenly in the road…and if you have to hit it..try to hit it on an angle.” I will say this didn’t promote a classroom of chuckles, but more a gulp of fear and disgust. I know some people are built without compassion sensors, and lack the root of nature to sympathize with life and death( hunters and politicians come to mind). It’s just in the morning, things are peaceful, waking or rolling over for another few hours before the daybreak, and to have one’s mind inundated with the images of “sleeping” pudgy rodents is not too satisfactory.

I’m not a huge fan of the civilize sprawl that is occurring right now in parts of Western Massachusetts.


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