The following comments were written this morning regarding a blog posting about the windswept, if not canonizing demonstration in Oakland, CA. The author pointed out how the african american community deitifed the murderer of four white policers, and then took it upon himself to criticize why african americans possess a “us versus them” mentality when it comes to law enforcement.

I responded to his comments.

I found your most recent article both repeatedly similar to my own thoughts( along certain lines, for you see Slavery is never a debt one repays or seeks to “even things out”, but one wears as a reminder to the atrocities Man can abdicate from another), and feel there is this shingle of repetitiveness that echos through most inner city domiciles that white police officers care very little about “blacks”–evident in their mistreatment, standoffishness, and their heir-to-the-king attitude about inner City youths(I’m a progeny of the South Bronx, I’ve seen my share of racial incidents involving college students/graduates at the hands of non-black officers. But this experience has in no way prefaced me to become a stark voice against primarily white police officers, but merely the mechanism in which hey work–the mechanism in which they are taught to view blacks.

I do not want to echo the harangue coming from out of Houston about the Pro Football Athlete “forced” by a white Officer(who is now suspended) to wait outside and settle a paltry ticket, while his stepmother was dying in the nearby hospital. Of course this is a matter of semantics, and of course this is an isolated incident. But where you have rage, you have reasons for rage; where you see police malfeasance and brutality, you see reasons for demonstrations, and “don’t snitch propaganda.”

The death of these men is very, very unfortunate, and a failure casted on them by a policy state that allowed a repeat offender to skirt the system due to his “community situation or victimization”, but do not mistake All African Americans for agreeing with the protests in Oakland as being anti-police. Do not casted all police officers as being fair and right-handed. Do not mistake all circumstances involving race to be one-sided or debatable.

And for a matter of recourse, in the future refraining from quoting Fox News as a safehouse or resource of un-bias new.


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